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Tea Side Effects You Need to Know About

Tea is such a comfort drink! Almost all of us want to snuggle with a hot cuppa, along with a plateful of pakora when it rains. Tea is the first thing we think of while returning home after a long day at work. In fact, it is also used as a cure for sniffles and light fever. Most of us swear by our a dark wali chai and tulsi wali chai

The popularity of tea is growing apace. it’s soothing, energizing, and comes in a very sort of flavors. What’s to not love, right?

As one of the foremost standard beverages within the world, second, solely to water, you just the health edges of tea, however, that you’re additionally alert to the potentially dangerous effects of tea on health

Beware of these bad effects on your health!

Tea is such a comfort drink! the majority folks need to snuggle with a hot cupper, together with a plate of pakora once it rains. Tea is that the very first thing we predict of whereas returning home once an extended day at work. after all, it’s conjointly used as a cure for sniffles and lightweight fever. Most folks swear by our a drak wali chai and tulsi wali chai. however, there’s a dark aspect to the current comfort drink. It may cause health problems in some individuals and if taken in uncontrolled proportions. Here could be a list of some facts that may offer you creeps.

Tea may increase the risk of prostate cancer.

Research from the University of a port couple significant tea drinking with A Nextag generated risk of developing glandular cancer.

The analysis indicated that men who drank seven or a lot of cups of tea daily had a fiftieth higher risk of glandular cancerthan people who drank very little to no tea (0 to three cups daily). Drinking 4-6 cups daily didn’t considerably increase the danger over drinking 0-3 cups daily.

Tea may have negative caffeine side effects.

Tea normally contains caffeine. While the advantages of caffeine incorporate expanded vitality and sharpness, in the event that you expend excessively or are delicate to caffeine, you may encounter some negative reactions.

Regular negative caffeine symptoms incorporate trouble resting, expanded pulse, misery, tension, alarm assaults, and then some.

Keep in mind that caffeine can be addictive. On the off chance that you decrease it or dispose of it totally, you may encounter withdrawal side effects, for example, cerebral pains, peevishness, and queasiness.

Anxiety and restlessness

The caffeine is one of the most popular mood-enhancing drugs and it has some good as well as bad effects on our body. Consuming too much of tea can lead to sleep disruption, restlessness, anxiety, and increased heart rate.

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