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Spice up your sex life with CONDOMS

Choosing condoms can be a fun encounter. Be that as it may, with such a significant number of condom types available, how would you pick between them? Something critical to consider is whether you intend to utilize the condom as contraception or in the event that you simply need to utilize it for sex play. On the off chance that you need a condom for pregnancy or STD insurance, try to peruse the condom mark to check whether it is endorsed by the FDA for those reasons. Likewise, check the lapse date to guarantee that the condom is as yet safe to utilize. Here are a portion of the diverse sorts of condoms accessible.


A gleam in obscurity condoms is fun loving. Most brands are likewise FDA-affirmed to help avert pregnancy and STDs. You open the condom to light for something like 30 seconds before putting it on so it can glean. They are typically non-harmful and made in three layers. The internal and the external layer comprise of ordinary latex while the third layer contains a protected shade that starts to sparkle and is fixed between the two ​​latex layers. This sort of condom makes for a fun astonishment.

Enhanced Condoms

Numerous condom brands guarantee that their condoms have extraordinary flavors and enticing fragrances. The flavor might be contained in the grease or covered on the condom. You’ll discover flavors, for example, mint, grape, orange, banana, strawberry, bubblegum, chocolate, vanilla, bacon, and cola. Some of the time they are shaded to coordinate the flavor, with yellow for banana and red for strawberry.

These sorts of condoms are intended to add a measurement to oral sex, and a considerable lot of the condom brands are additionally FDA-endorsed for quality and assurance. On the off chance that you are intending to utilize these condoms for vaginal sex, ensure they are without sugar – sugar seasoned condoms can lose the pH in the vagina, which can expand the danger of yeast contaminations.


The thought behind joy formed condoms is that they will, in general, be looser with broadened, pocket like tips. The more extensive tips of this condom type take into account more grinding in light of the fact that the additional latex animates the nerve endings at the tip of the penis.

A few, similar to Trojan Twisted, likewise present a winding, bending shape that considers the progressively enthusiastic activity. This kind of configuration invigorates nerve endings and elevates affectability for the two ladies and men.

Colored Condoms

Condoms are accessible in pretty much every shading. You can even discover tri-shaded condoms that highlight the national shades of nations, for example, America, France, Spain, Russia, and Italy. Double shading condoms are additionally accessible, which might be enjoyable to use amid the occasions – like dark and orange for Halloween, red and green for Christmas, and pink and red for your Valentine.

A considerable lot of the shaded sorts of condoms are FDA-affirmed for the anticipation of pregnancy and explicitly transmitted sicknesses, so make a point to peruse the mark on the condom.

French Ticklers

Tickler condoms either have a delicate elastic tickler tip or are made of delicate jam. They come in different styles with knobs, stubs, and edges and shapes that give incitement by “tickling” the inward dividers of the vagina.

As they are curiosity condoms, they don’t give counteractive action of pregnancy or illness. They may be utilized by couples where the lady is utilizing a hormonal or changeless anti-conception medication technique. If not, a man can wear an ordinary condom underneath the tickler to guarantee pregnancy assurance.

Edible Condoms

Edible condoms usually come in packs of four and are available in a variety of flavors. The condom is rolled on, and then can be eaten off. Edible condoms are for novelty use only – they do not provide any type of protection against pregnancy or sexually transmitted diseases.

Musical Condoms

 Well, the name says it all. Now you can add musical tunes to your sexual session with these condoms. The tone of these condoms varies with your position and intensity but it’s really a challenge to concentrate on your performance with that continuous musical sound being played down there. It seems like these condoms can easily replace the need to have soft music being played in the background while having sex.

Vibrating Condoms

 Isn’t the name only sounding so interesting? Vibrating condoms are designed uniquely from other types of condoms so they can give added pleasure. In addition to the usual condom meant to cover the penis, vibrating condoms come with a ring that produces vibrations throughout the sexual act, thus you and your partne5r can enjoy a higher level of sensation and more fulfilling experience in bed

Kiss of Mint Condoms

Mint condoms are stimulating. Ways of life brand offers Kiss of Mint, a non-greased up condom covered with a powder that gives a sweet spearmint taste. Trustex Mint condoms are green and are made of a without sugar equation. Mint condoms are a most loved for safe oral sex and they are likewise FDA-affirmed for pregnancy assurance. These condoms will in general be somewhat more extensive than normal and have a flared, supply tip (it expands out a bit) which takes into account elevated male sensation.

Sensis Condoms With QuikStrips

Sensis Condoms (lubricated and made of latex) represent the first new FDA-approved condom technology in over 50 years. These condoms have QuickStrips – which work very much like the pull-off tabs on a band-aid. They help you put on the condom, avoiding a common pitfall that can lead to condom failure.​​

When the Sensis condom is taken out of its foil package, the ridged ends of the pull-down strips are uncovered on the top side of the condom. You can then feel for these ridges. By holding the QuikStrips, you can pull down the condom and quickly and correctly put it on (then discard of the strips).

They are available in thin and micro-dot ribbed option, which has a contoured shape (for a comfortable fit) and dots/bumps and ribbed rings to provide pleasure to both men and women.

Female condoms

Female condoms are made from soft, thin synthetic latex or latex. They’re worn inside the vagina to prevent semen getting to the womb

Female condoms are a barrier method of contraception worn inside the vagina. They prevent pregnancy by stopping sperm from meeting an egg.

A female condom can be put into the vagina before sex, but make sure the penis does not come into contact with the vagina before the condom has been put in.

Semen can still come out of the penis even before a man has had an orgasm (fully ejaculated).

When used correctly, condoms are the only method of contraception that protects against both pregnancy and STIs.

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