Best Budget Travel Destinations For 2019

Subsequent to visiting more than 60 nations, I like discovering places that are a little unusual, while still safe for solo females. In spite of the fact that on the off chance that you are going with others, you can trim costs further by sharing convenience and dinners.

Here are my best 7 places for an intriguing spending trip, some of which may astonish you. On the off chance that you have other great esteem recommendations, abandon them in the remarks.

Bosnia and Herzegovina

Although you will still find physical reminders of the war, Bosnia is a peaceful and stunningly beautiful country of green mountains, turquoise rivers, vineyards and waterfalls, complemented by a mixture of Eastern and Western influences. And for a European country, it’s surprisingly affordable.

Even in Mostar and Sarajevo, the most visited cities, you can find simple but perfectly adequate guesthouses with rooms under $30. The food is meat-based and hearty, and ridiculously cheap for the size of the portions you get. A $5-10 main dish will be big enough for two at many tourist restaurants. So bring a friend to share! I felt bad wasting so much food.

As for sightseeing on the cheap, both Mostar and Sarajevo offer free (tip-based) walking tours. Museums and historical buildings cost only a few dollars to visit, while most mosques and churches are free. War-related sights such as the Tunnel Museum and the Galerija 11/07/95 are pricier but still affordable at 5 and 6 euros respectively.


Mountain ranges, colonial towns, green valleys carpeted in coffee bushes, ancient ruins, beaches and jungles, Colombiafeels like several countries rolled into one. While not as cheap as other Andean nations, Colombia is more developed and is safe to visit – so don’t miss the cities of Cartagena, Bogotá, and Medellín.

You can get a single room with bathroom for about $23 in the (trendy) El Poblado district of Medellín, but be warned that hotels at the budget end may not always have hot water. Small towns like colonial Villa de Leyva and the coffee town of Salento are even better valued.

Hawaii, the USA

I go to Hawaii consistently. I’ve been going for quite a long time and love the majority of the islands. Flights to Hawaii from the territory are commonly truly shoddy, particularly in a previous couple of years. In spite of the fact that it isn’t the most modest when you arrive, it is well justified, despite all the trouble since you get the South Pacific to feel with the solaces of America… and a shorter plane flight.

I especially suggest Maui, maybe my preferred places on the planet, and the little visited island of Lanai. For golf sweethearts I’d suggest the Four Seasons at Lanai.

Sri Lanka

The little island nation of Sri Lanka gives a blend of mountain scenes, tea manors, shorelines, sanctuaries, and archeological destinations. It used to be truly unexpected, yet is presently ending up progressively prevalent (it’s simply been named no.1 on Lonely Planet’s Best in Travel list). Settlement, sustenance, and transportation are still shabby however.

You will discover lager and organic product juices for $1, while road sustenance stands and nearby eateries give dinners to just $1-3. A go overboard at an upscale eatery will cost anyplace somewhere in the range of $6 and $21. (Expect set dinners at the lower end.) If you’re remaining in a homestay or guesthouse with a supper plan, you may get treated to a huge smorgasbord of Sri Lankan nourishments!

Prepares and transports cost just a couple of dollars, yet be set up for groups and standing room just on the transports.

Your most elevated cost will probably be exercises. Shorelines are free, however day visits, jumping, and swimming treks with a neighborhood control cost $20-30 every day (lunch included). Access to Sigiriya (royal residence and post complex) will set you back $30.

What you will require more than cash in Sri Lanka is persistence and adaptability. I once hung tight more than three hours for my transport. In any case, I likewise pursued a tout and found an awesome guesthouse. They don’t consider it the “Island of Serendipity” in vain.


The vast majority of us envision Pacific Island goals as costly goals loaded up with extravagant retreats, sustenance, and administrations. In any case, that is not generally the situation. Fiji, not at all like its costly island neighbors and sharp advertising by Fiji water, is quite shoddy to visit. While there are numerous $1,000-a-night resorts in the nation, you can figure out how to appreciate flawless shorelines, world-class jumping, delectable fish, and benevolent local people without selling your home.

Since Fiji is a stopover on Fiji Airlines, you’ll discover a ton of flight arrangements to the nation. Numerous hikers exploit that and a little explorer network has risen. That implies shoddy guesthouses, transportation, and exercises, particularly in the mainstream Yasawa Islands.

Regardless of whether you’re not an explorer, you can exploit every one of these arrangements and set aside extra cash. Fiji is a standout amongst the best spending goals on the area and not to be missed.

Central America

Need to wander old vestiges, trek through the wilderness, surf, and eat delightful nourishment with couple of visitors around? Visit the littler nations in Central America — think El Salvador, Honduras, Nicaragua, and Guatemala. Here you will discover most spending inns for around $15 every night, dinners for $3, most transport ventures at a similar cost, and lager for not exactly a dollar.

Beliza, Panama, Costa Rica – these are costly goals by local guidelines. In the event that you visit the focal Central American nations, you can get by on $40 every day as an explorer or sprinkle up to $60 per day and live substantial. Your cash goes extremely far in this piece of the world.

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